On the 27th of January 2014, 69 years have passed since the liberation of the Nazi German Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp. The anniversary ceremony, which took place at the former Aushwitz II-Birkenau camp were attended by former prisoners of Auschwitz and Holocaust survivors. 

They were accompanied by representatives of the Polish authorities, including Cezary Grabarczyk - Deputy Marshal of the Sejm of Poland, as well as a very large delegation of parliament of the Israeli Knesset, which was led by Yaariv Levin - head of the coalition, and Isaac Herzog leader of the opposition. President Bronisław Komorowski of the Republic of Poland has extended his official patronage over the event.

Among the guests were also members of parliaments of many other countries, ambassadors and diplomats, representatives of the clergy, regional authorities, local governments, institutions and organizations, as well as all those who wished to honour the memory of the victims of the Nazi Germans.The first to speak at the ceremony were former prisoners of Auschwitz: Noah Klieger and Zofia Posmysz.

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